DIA Bubble and Speak Series

I am preparing to be a guest speaker at the DIA Bubble and Speak Inspiration Breakfast Series in Brisbane this month. Berry Lieberman from Dumbo Feather Magazine will also presenting.

Design Institute of Australia – Queensland

Bubble and Speak is a professional development initiative of the Queensland Branch of the Design Institute of Australia. The Bubble and Speak Inspiration Breakfast Series, established in 1991, delivers a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the practice of some of Australia’s most interesting and established design professionals.

A diverse range of design and design-related disciplines are represented each month through local Queensland and interstate speakers including communication designers, photographers, interior, furniture and fashion designers, artists and creative catalysts.

This programme provides inspiration, ideas and discourse for practicing designers, design students and industry professionals. Bubble and Speak creates valuable connections and networking opportunities with a diverse range and profile of speakers and attendees within the design industry.

I’m speaking on the morning of the 19th of July 2012 – see DIA Bubble and Speak for more information.

Sustaining a Creative Life

I will introduce my recent projects and outline the path I have taken to have an arts practice. This will cover how my architectural education and research experience continue to influence the development of any new work and discuss what I do to sustain a creative life.

I hope to share some of the research and thinking I have been doing in preparation for a paper for the Australian Ceramics Triennale being held in Adelaide in late September 2012 which considers how contemporary ceramics might align with values supported by the Slow Movement.