• No. 2 shuffling, 2012, photographer -  Cathy Keys

    No. 2 shuffling, 2012, photographer – Cathy Keys

Slow Ceramics - Subversive Clay

In late September 2012 I attended the Australian Ceramic Triennale, Subversive Clay held in Adelaide, South Australia.

Slow Ceramics

At the conference I participated in the Sustainable Practice – Oxymoronic or Axiomatic? session, presenting a paper exploring the ways contemporary ceramic practice might be aligned with aspects of the Slow Movement. The paper was called Slow Ceramics – The art and success of decelerating and I have attached a copy of with a full bibliography for those wanting to know more.

For examples of Slow Ceramics in Australia see Melbourne based ceramicist Jane Sawyer, whose practice Slow Clay has for some time been passing on the ancient handmade artisan traditions and skills of Japanese ceramics. See also Tasmanian ceramicist Ben Richardson whose process of selecting local clay and materials could be understood as Slow. I particularly enjoyed the presentation by Liz Stops a ceramicist working in northern New South Wales whose doctoral work involved exploring a thoughtful ethical position on the social and environmental costs of ceramics – very Slow Ceramics.

Australian Ceramic Triennale 2012

There were many excellent sessions at Subversive Clay and I was quite inspired by the range of ideas on possible ceramic futures presented by keynote speakers Clare Twomey (UK) and Anton Reijnders (Netherlands). I find these conferences so intellectually stimluting, it seems like such a long time until the next one…..