When the Bunya Nuts fall

It’s that time in Brisbane when the Bunya nuts fall and each year I look forward to collecting my first cone and harvesting the delicious nuts.

The Bunya Nuts trees in south-east Queensland drop large numbers of cones about every three years. Last year was a bumper season and this year has proven to be a much smaller fall, but the studio smells of pine sap and the kitchen boiling nuts. I am currently working on a new body of work concerned with Bunya Nuts Trees so its fantastic to have some fresh bright green Bunya nut cones sculling about the studio.


To prepare for my next exhibition I spent a week in December last year up the Bunya Mountains walking, photographing and making some experimental ‘drawings’ with yellow paper daisy ‘juice’. I will hang some of these works alongside my ceramics at the Bunya Forest Gallery, over Easter.